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Building Your Network

Networking is gross. 

We hate it. You hate it. 

And the reason we all hate it is that it feels like you're trying to get something that you don't deserve. It feels like you're using people. 

So, we're calling…

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Let's Talk Type.

Type. Essence. Vibe.

Every actor has one.

Does this mean you have to pigeon-hole yourself? No. 

Does it mean when you walk into the room you give off an energy unique to only you? You bet your Agent Meeting it…

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Ant or Grasshopper: Working smarter, not harder


In Aesop's fable, the Ant & the Grasshopper, the ants worked feverishly to stock up for the winter, while the Grasshopper partied all summer long, running around and playing his fiddle.

At the time I thought,…

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Get outta town

Raise your hand if you stay pretty close to home, working the same few theatres year after year.

Oh, don’t you worry, we've been there, too.

It’s comfortable. It’s safe. You’ve had moderate success where you are, but in…

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Voice Teacher vs. Vocal Coach

You don't need a guru.

We know other coaches will tell you that their way is the only way. Sorry, but that's nonsense.

We think that throughout your life & career, you should work with as many people as…

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GET IN MY BRAIN! How to Memorize a Script

We've all been there. Six days to get the music, lines and blocking down.

You stay up long hours after work, classes, rehearsal and whatever other adulting life throws at you.

And now, because you're stressed and exhausted, no…

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