Confessions of a Procrastinator

Ok, so we can admit it...we're couch potatoes by nature. Between the two of us, we've tried every app, book, and system to get motivated. 

We know we're not alone in this because so many performers suffer with procrastination issues…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Often, our self-worth is wrapped up in how much we're booking.

There, we said it.

That's not how it should be, but unfortunately, most professional actors live a life of self-doubt. So, don't feel alone if sometimes your…

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Tired of Stage Fright? Try these tips.

A dear friend, who is a phenomenal actor and sings like he was blessed by Apollo himself, has an issue... he frequently feels overcome with stage fright.

This comes from a fear of being compared or judged.

Now, this is…

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How to Choose Songs for Your Book


No doubt you have friends, family, teachers and coaches all throwing “perfect” audition songs your way. And because "they" know best, you put them right in your book. 

But should you? 

Before a song takes up permanent residence…

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Come to the Cabaret!


Have you always wanted to create a cabaret of your own, but didn't really know where to start?

Between the two of us, we've created more than three dozen shows. Here are a few take aways:


1. They're a…

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Time Management and the Actor

Do you ever feel like being an actor is a full-time job with a part-time paycheck? 

Almost every actor has multiple jobs. Even celebrities like Jessica Alba (Honest Beauty), Ryan Reynolds (Aviation Gin) and Jared Leto (Reddit... yep, you…

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How to Cut Music for Your Audition Book

In addition to my performance career, I've been a Musical Director for a few decades. I've seen countless audition books and it always amazes me what singer/actors bring in for their "audition cuts".  

You can have an amazing voice that's …

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Building Your Network

Networking is gross. 

We hate it. You hate it. 

And the reason we all hate it is that it feels like you're trying to get something that you don't deserve. It feels like you're using people. 

So, we're calling…

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Let's Talk Type.

Type. Essence. Vibe.

Every actor has one.

Does this mean you have to pigeon-hole yourself? No. 

Does it mean when you walk into the room you give off an energy unique to only you? You bet your Agent Meeting it…

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Get outta town

Raise your hand if you stay pretty close to home, working the same few theatres year after year.

Oh, don’t you worry, we've been there, too.

It’s comfortable. It’s safe. You’ve had moderate success where you are, but in…

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Voice Teacher vs. Vocal Coach

You don't need a guru.

We know other coaches will tell you that their way is the only way. Sorry, but that's nonsense.

We think that throughout your life & career, you should work with as many people as…

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